Keepy Ducky Now out on iOS and Android (Video)

iBallisticSquid and game developer DoubleSmith, supported by Walt Disney Maker Studios, release their new App KEEPY DUCKY, which is based on iBallisticSquids idea for a Minigame in Minecraft. A game easy to pick up and hard to master. This App comes with customizable characters based on friends of iBallisticSquid, supportive pets and colourful levels in a modern 8 Bit Style. It is available now on Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store.

The concept is simple, but nonetheless a challenge – Keep a duck in the air for as long as possible by shooting it with snowballs. As soon as one of them lands on the floor, the game is over und you are ready for another round. Unlock all characters, levels and pets, that accompany you with their special talent, until you can proudly call yourself master of the duck.