“Krumblor” the Cookie Dragon and Global Leaderboards just released in the idle game AdventureQuest: DRAGONS

Artix Entertainment, the creators of AdventureQuest and DragonFable, just updated their mobile idle-game, AdventureQuest: DRAGONS, with global leaderboards and an exclusive Cookie Dragon, “Krumblor.” The new cookie dragon’s upgrades and story were designed by the original creator of Cookie Clicker, Orteil! Links to download the free app on Apple iOS and Google Android devices can be found at www.AQDragons.com.

AdventureQuest: DRAGONS was launched—rather, hatched—in December 2014. The game is a collaboration between the makers of AdventureQuest and Cookie Clicker. DRAGONS now features 13 painted, animated dragons-each with a unique set of upgrades and storylines. Since its debut, DRAGONS boasts 5,000 four star reviews on Google Play, and over a hundred four-and-a-half star reviews in the App Store.

The newest Dragon, Krumblor, was written by Orteil, creator of the original Cookie Clicker web game. “The writing for Krumblor was particularly fun because it mixes the world of fantasy dragons, pastry goodness, and all the little things that went into Cookie Clicker – from time machines to demented grandmothers,” says Orteil. “We hope you guys enjoy this new tasty dragon, we’ve baked him with love!”

The Cookie Dragon is a special breed—nay, recipe—of dragon. Comprised of chocolate chips, butter, flour, and REALLY sharp teeth, the Krumblor dragon can be unlocked by sharing the game with 5 friends… or 5 random acquaintances from Snapchat. It doesn’t matter how you share your unique code, for all paths lead to the Cookie Dragon… and quite possibly an ancient evil cult of cookie baking fantasy Grandmas.

Victory is sweet. Literally.

With the addition of the Dragons Leaderboard, players can show off their impressive stats (i.e. accumulated Gems that their dragons and fingers have collected) while climbing the leaderboard to achieve Dragon Master prestige. Because DRAGONS has no limit to how many Gems can be collected, the leaderboard will continuously update and reflect the most devoted gamers and their hoard of Gem-obsessed dragons.

“I am really excited to finally play the Cookie Dragon!” exclaims Adam “Artix” Bohn, CEO and founder of Artix Entertainment. “I was heavily involved with Thyton (artist) and Yergen (animator) during the creation of the Cookie Dragon’s art… but I purposefully have not read what Orteil wrote for the dragon’s upgrades and descriptions so that I could experience it right now at launch with everyone else.”

Players who were having issues with the earlier versions will be happy to find that all existing bugs have been fixed in this new version! Also, DRAGONS has been completely rebalanced, making the game a lot more fun and A LOT more challenging for intrepid tappers. So get clicking today, Dragon Master! www.AQDragons.com

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