Kyy Games Releases Ludum Dare Title Supreme Snowball Roller Mayhem 3000 for iOS

First developed for Ludum Dare game jam in December, Supreme Snowball Roller Mayhem 3000 is a small but addictive arcade game with endless gameplay. The colorful winter-themed wonderland sees you performing every kid’s dream. Bombing down the mountain as a giant snowball, without getting hurt!

Collecting presents as you go and snaking your way between obstacles will decide if time runs out. Fast reactions will be required to extend the count down and obtain a high score. Additionally gifts can be both a help and a hinder your progress making it a real supreme challenge of skill and judgement.


– Simple controls
– Endless gameplay
– Various special effects keep the game fresh
– Tons of fun!

Relive the winter holidays of fun, adventure and mayhem all year round!