Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá on iOS and Android

Independent developer Drakhar Studio and motion picture producer Guisante Films released for free Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá on iOS and Android along with the launch of the movie in theatres.
The official video game of Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá contains 15 mini-games in which you will have to combine classic gameplay mechanics and intelligence with exploration in 3D environments. The game includes collectable objects, stickers and exclusive content of the movie.
Control each of the characters appearing in Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá and go through the stages where the film takes place. Each character has got special abilities and powers that will help them overcome the challenges found in the game.
Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá, directed by Paco Arango, is a Spanish comedy in which a regular family from Madrid finds out that their grandfather was an alien from outer space, and that they have inherited his super powers.
Both the video game and the movie of Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá are significantly concerned about solidarity. Part of the profit made by the movie, as well as the mechanics and events in the game, aim to cover the objectives of the Aladina Foundation against infantile cancer.

  • The Rodriguez’s appear to be a very normal family but… everything changes when they discover that their grandfather came from outer space!
  • The adventure mode will allow you to explore different places of the movie and learn new features of each of the characters.
  • Go through more than 15 mini-games using the special abilities of each member of the family.
  • Collect more than 50 assets divided among the adventure mode and the store to know more about the Rodríguez’s.
  • Meet the actors of the movie in the game and help them save the planet.
  • The game includes outtakes not shown in the movie.