Love Hue – a gentle journey into colour and perception (Video)

Zut Games have just released the new trailer for their upcoming meditative mobile puzzle game, I Love Hue:

I Love Hue is a beautiful, minimal puzzle game with a very simple concept – reorder mosaics of coloured tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. It was designed from the start to be a chilled, relaxing experience with no timers, no move limits and no punishments for failure. The game blends elements of mindfulness, colour theory and minimliat design – it’s a game for people who want to just zone out and get through their day in a little bubble of colourful tranquility.
I Love Hue will be released January 2017 on the App Store and Google Play. The game will launch with hundreds of levels, social features, game network integration and multiple game modes. It will use a fair free-to-play model.