A Magic Rings Themed 3D Mobile MMORPG Eternal Crusade (Video)

Mobile Game Publisher Ujoy announced that it will release a Magic Rings themed 3D MMORPG Eternal Crusade for Google Play and Apple Store in early November. Players can choose to play English version or Chinese version arbitrarily in a same game app. In Eternal Crusade, players have to fight with Human, Elf and Dwarf to collect 27 Magic Rings. With the magic power of the Rings, players can save and guard the world.

Eternal Crusade

1000 Light Era, there are 3 major types of races living in the world. They are Human, Elf and Dwarf. Some other small number of races are also active. It is said that there are several Rings with huge power spreading around the world. Those Rings can make the species who is greedy and evil into Magic Ring Spiritus with its mysterious power. Therefore, those Rings are also called Magic Rings. One day, King of Dwarf got a Magic Ring on occasion and experienced its unbelievable power. He lost its sense and became greedy. He wanted to be the controller of the world. He glared wars to Human and Elf. Therefore, wars for Magic Rings among 3 types of races begins.

Magic Ring Spiritus Boss

World Map

All types of races are in deep water because of the long and numerous battles. Some other types of races join the battle of grabbing Magic Rings as well. Is the doomsday of the world coming soon? Who can end the wars and create a new world? A prediction of Magic Rings is reminded. The power of Magic Rings will be revived when the world is sinking into a massive disorder. The person, who can collect all the Magic Rings, will have enough power to fight against Magic Ring Spiritus and make a peaceful world. In Eternal Crusade, player will act as one of the Ring Searcher and save the world. He/She will looking for 27 Magic Rings which are already appearing. Most of the Magic Rings are controlled by Human, Elf and Dwarf. Is it possible for players to finish this difficult task?

A mount in Eternal Crusade

Magic Rings in Eternal Crusade

According to the statement of Ujoy, it’s not just a gorgeous ring. It’s the behalf of the real power of a player. The current 27 Magic Rings have different kinds of special skills. For example, transformation, stealth and MSPD Up, etc. There are 3 kinds of Magic Rings. They are Human Magic Ring, Elf Magic Ring and Dwarf Magic Ring. Players have to get back the Magic Rings from the hand of Human, Elf and Dwarf via various kinds of challenges. The Magic Ring, which is collected by players, is controlled by players. Players have to place them into limited Rings Slots and make sure they will perform their best skills. The different placement order also will effect their combos kills.

The first Magic Ring – Ring of God

Wore Ring of God and got Divine Force

During the adventure tour of looking for Magic Rings, players will visit the residence of Elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Cyclops and other types of races. It’s a realistic and artistic fantasy world. In Eternal Crusade, players can switch English and Chinese quickly and freely. What’s more, there are numerous feature systems and gameplays in the game. All the equipment can be obtained only from dungeons. Players’ exclusive Private Secretary will remind them to do different kinds of tasks all day. The mode of PK is free and open. World Boss Challenge is lasting for 24 hours. The free trade and independent pricing are supported in Market.