Metagalactic Blitz on Windows PC

Metagalactic Blitz is a chaotic dodgeball arena game that “strikes a new note on what a fighting game can be” (Austyn Roney, Shoryuken). With a cartoony aesthetic style and fighting mechanics reimagined for a horizontal game perspective, Metagalactic Blitz presents a fresh experience for the fighting game community.

The mechanics are simple. Pick up a dodgeball and throw it at your opponent to knock them off the stage. Reflect and dash to stay alive. Amp things up with your character’s special abilities to take the lead. Depending on the arena chosen, you may find yourself destroying parts of the arena, competing for powered crystals, or pushing the center line towards your opponent’s edge. (We’ve also got options for you fox only/no items/final destination sorts).

Choose from a roster of nine characters with unique playstyles, ranging from turret-building to tipper-based swordplay. No two characters have similar kits. The lineup includes a rampaging velociraptor engineer, a hulking galactic overlord, a cyborg who doesn’t realize he’s half zombie, and a bunch more colorful weirdos.