Microïds Games for All propels the player at the head of a quite unusual clinic in “Hospital Manager” , a crisis management title that is all but serious on Android.

You’ve been changed into a zombie? Victim of the Moonwalk virus or alien germs? No worry, with a shot of “Hospital Manager” three times a day, you’ll be quickly back on your feet!

With a few savings at the beginning of each of the 16 levels, in “Hospital Manager” the players must raise the Reputation gauge within a limited time in order to unlock the next level.

To do so, they must provide medical care to the patients affected by the most far-fetched and madcap aches. First, they have to purchase and judiciously place the consultation and treatment rooms.

When the hospital opens, patients arrive discontinuously toward the available doctors who then guide them to the right medical appointments. The players have to adapt to their needs and build and optimize the necessary rooms accordingly (Magnetic epilator, DNA Shaker …) as well as assign the best specialists to each of them (psychiatrist, vet…). Each doctor has a more or less high engagement rate for various speed, money and recovery achievements.

Maintenance workers able to clean the place and fix the randomly out of order machines, clowns to entertain the patients as they are waiting… It is up to the players to find the right budget balance to have the patients in high spirits and therefore keep them from leaving without any treatment or without paying.

Several customisable objects –from the simple wood bench to the arcade machine – help the clients be more patient. Lights and trash cans, when strategically placed, will cheer them up and prevent them from throwing their trash on the floor. No less than 25 objects and variations will make the patients’daily life easier to bear fifteen different aches. Special events, such as an earthquake or the visit of the Minister complicate the aspiring hospital manager’s work. These events happen without warning and can challenge any well-oiled organisation. The players must react quickly and regain control of the situation to optimize the clinic’s profitability as well as satisfy the clients to maintain the reputation, awarded at the end of the defined time by stars.

In “Hospital Manager” , depression is not the everyday mood because, often, a good laugh is worth all the world’s pills to overcome a drop in blood pressure.
“Hospital Manager” is a management game developed by Microïds and CCCP studio, and available since April 29 2014 on Android in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Watch the trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vULTJR1Ff6g

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