The Moaning Words – Trading Card Game in the Cthulhu Mythos ’ – OUT NOW on iOS

Thumbstar Games and Byook announce the launch of the innovative Trading Card and Interactive Story game – The Moaning Words . OUT NOW on now iOS devices.

Immerse yourself in the Cthulhu Mythos through the masterful writing of Alan Dean Foster (Star Wars, Aliens Star Trek….) and an engaging Trading Card Game woven together into a truly innovative experience.

“Dark secrets are resurfacing. Forbidden knowledge is at your fingertips… Russia, Italy, and France: the discovery of 3 mysterious artefacts leads three unconnected people to confront the same evil. As they lifting the comforting veil on our reality to reveal the unutterable, will you let the world crumble? Their fate is in your hands.”
– Build your deck and defy entities from the CTHULHU Mythos
– Fight and collect – over 100 Ancestral Cards to discover and wield in epic battles
– Progress through 8 dark portals each with different rules and challenges
– Play against your friends and rank up in the PVP leaderboards

– Immerse yourself in an intense adventure where you are the hero
– Unlock a new episode every day an move deeper into the mystery
– Choose your own path wisely: your very Sanity is at stake
– Fight with your cards to shape the story. Winning or losing changes everything

Discover stories from the community or write your own interactive story and add it to app.

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