Crucial App Concepts launch an exciting new idle incremental clicking game – “The Monolith”

The greatest civilizations weren’t built overnight or by the grace of a magic wand. It was the hard work of many workers, warriors, and scholars that made them. So what if you weren’t born in the medieval age or be part of the history. The Monolith, developed by Crucial App Concepts, is a game that gives you chance to be a part of not one but eight ages and build your civilization and destroy the beast!

About The Monolith – The Game: Every civilisation had their own prophecy, an object of faith, or a certain belief which they worshipped. Here we worship the mighty Monolith. The object of the game is to raise your civilisations power and technology in order to kill The Beast. The epitome of idle gaming, The Monolith works around the basic principle of upgrades and clicks to get stronger and build your army. By spending Evolution Points gained from damaging the Beast and from your people’s scholars, your civilization evolves from primitive cavemen to modern infantry and scientists. Beast Fragments are gained by tapping, killing the beast, or by destroying your monolith. Use them to lure mighty Heroes to your civilisation. Heroes give you invaluable bonuses to build your next civilisation! Soon we will be implementing an endless beast killing mode in which you can do as much damage to the beast as you deem necessary.


· Unique Ages: Users will be able to play through 8 different ages, currently the eight ages comprise of Stone Age-> Neolithic Age-> Bronze Age-> Middle Age-> Renaissance Age-> Industrial Age->Modern Age-> Nuclear Age.
· Persistent Play: In an idle game, you make all of the major decisions, but the tedious task of hitting the egg is automatically done by the game. Because of this, you can leave idle games running in the background while you do other important things… like work… or play our other mobile games like Grand Theft Pursuit which is in stores now.
· Stunning Graphics: The game consist of various heroes for each age, weapons ranging from swords to missiles and tank, and elements to build the civilization and last but not the least the Beast itself. All these are placed in different screens you can manage them by swiping the screen accordingly.
· Amazing Achievements in the form of EPS (Evolution point System), DPS (Damage per Second), Shards, Beast Fragments, and soon to come achievement rewards.
· A new login system for saving games and logging in via cross platform devices.
· Play the game while with or without network connection.
· New Easy Tutorial System for players

The Game is available for free download with in-app purchases on the App Store and on Google Play

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