Momo Pop, Hexagonal Match-3 Puzzle, on Google Play and iTunes

NHN Pixelcube , the game developer well-known in Asian market for its match-3 puzzle games such as Line Pop series and Friends Pop, announced the release of a new hexagon match-3 puzzle game called Momo Pop on Google Play and iTunes app stores!

Momo Pop is a space-themed puzzle game where our young heroine Momo travels across the universe, exploring hidden constellations by completing challenging match-3 puzzles.  Momo Pop is unique in allowing the player to move in 6 total directions to make matches in this galactic setting.  While other existing match-3 puzzles with square tiles allow tile-matching in four directions only, Momo Pop’s hexagonal tiles increased the number of cases of puzzle match to six directions, giving you more options to clear each stage.

More levels are being added every few weeks! Follow the fascinating and goofy cartoon stories of Momo Friends after clearing the story levels.  Find spaceships and vehicles and discover exciting special abilities.  Collect each Momo Friend after completing the 15 levels for each planet. Momo Pop can be played both online and offline, and your information will be synced up after you log back into WIFI.  So don’t worry about eating up all of your data!

Game Features:
Hexagonal Match-3 Puzzle – Move puzzle pieces in six directions and increase your ability to complete each level!
V arious M issions for Each Stage – Complete missions given by Momo Friends and successfully clear levels!
Fun Cute S tories of Momo Friends in t he S tory Levels– Watch the fascinating stories and receive special rewards.
Vehicles with S pecial A bilities– Each vehicle has a special ability. Find spaceships specifically designed to help you and your play style.
T winkling S tars in t he B onus M ap – When you’re ready to rest from the journey, take in the gorgeous view of the twinkling stars in the bonus map. Move to a planet when you press on the star. When all 15 levels for the planet are cleared, the star twinkles. You will receive a special reward when all stars are twinkling. Press [▶] to see the stars fly through the galaxy with a unique musical interlude.