Monster Slayers, a new rogue-like deck-building game (Video)

Digerati is pleased to announce that Monster Slayers, a new card-based adventure developed by Nerdook (Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Reverse Crawl), will launch March 23rd on Steam, priced $7.99.

About the game

Monster Slayers is a deck-building rogue-like adventure. Create a hero, explore the dangerous regions of the Northern Valley and construct a deck to suit your style. Defeat legendary monsters and return to the Monster Slayers Guild as a true Master Slayer! Featuring an innovative card-based battle system, Monster Slayers is a high definition re-imagining of the popular flash game, which has been played over 11 million times worldwide!

Key Features

•Unique card-based combat system: customize your hero’s deck with new cards, and test your deck in battles against a large variety of enemies
•Randomly generated levels, enemies and loot: each playthrough will be different and its own unique experience
•Select persistent Companions to join your party, lending their unique skills to your hero to achieve victory
•Purchase persistent upgrades as your heroes gain Fame with each run
•The title tells you all you need to know: lots and lots of monsters to slay for fame, gold and glory!
•Design and coding by the prolific developer, Nerdook
Challenge your friends on the Top Slayers leaderboards