Harold, the divine platforming racing game from independent developer Moon Spider Studio, crosses the finish line today with its arrival on Steam for Windows PC.

Harold is about a not-quite-infallible runner competing in a celestial marathon of absurdly complex obstacle courses. As the guardian angel unfortunately assigned to watch over Harold, players must use their heavenly powers to manipulate the world’s many hazardous obstacles, delay the other racers and catapult this underdog (sometimes literally) to victory. The game features three special game modes and 12 unique stages, each cleverly designed to offer multiple paths to high-score glory.

Inspired by classic animated films, Harold’s stunning blend of 2D and 3D artwork is bold, bright and beautiful, hand-drawn by a team of Hollywood animation veterans. The game’s spirited original soundtrack, performed by a genuine 30-person gospel choir, heralds Harold’s triumphs from start to finish.

Harold is now available on PC through Steam for the special launch price of $14.99, 25% off its standard price of $19.99. Harold requires a gamepad/controller to play (Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller recommended). For more information from the studio, please visit, and follow along at and

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