“Hell Yeah! dev, Arkedo co-founder launches on Steam future Odyssey racer The Next Penelope”


Taking the Greek classic The Odyssey for a literal and figurative spin, futuristic racer The Next Penelope launches for Windows and Mac on the Steam store January 22nd at 12PM Pacific Time. A stable Linux version should be available in a couple weeks. Players assume the role of wife Penelope, who races across the galaxy for her lost husband. She can gain power-ups to take short cuts, avoid hazards, and destroy enemies, but each use brings her ship closer to self-destruction.

As explained in the Steam trailer, this unique Early Access build contains the entire single player campaign. However, the solo developer wants to test the game more before releasing a local multiplayer mode and bonus levels that really increase the difficulty. Purchasers can expect all these updates for free as The Next Penelope works towards a full release later this year on PC and later on Wii U.

As co-founder of now-defunct Arkedo Studio, Aurelien Regard worked on several hit games across many platforms before becoming a one-man show: Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini on Nintendo DS; Arkedo Series on Xbox 360; and Hell Yeah! on Steam, PS3, and Xbox 360. He will take his combined experience of handheld and console game making to the next level when he releases The Next Penelope on Wii U later this year, as we works to bring the game to a final release on PC platforms.

Assets and additional info on the game’s official site: http://www.the-next-penelope.com/
Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/332250/

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