NEO Scavenger for iOS & Android

NEO Scavenger, the post-apocalyptic survival RPG that PC fans have called “the best hobo simulator [they’ve] ever played” launches on mobile devices.

Developer Blue Bottle Games have worked for the past year porting this open-world sandbox RPG to iOS and Android, so now you can rely on NEO Scavenger’s uniquely terrifying post-apocalyptic nightmare world to enhance dull family road trips, unnecessary conference calls, overbooked red-eye flights, and more!

NEO Scavenger is free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store, where you can enjoy a generous 1990s shareware-style demo of the game. A single $9.99 in-app purchase will unlock the full game experience.

NEO Scavenger’s features include:

  • A vast open-world setting in post-apocalypse Michigan, full of fellow survivors, mutated abominations, and supernatural entities.
  • Turn-based encounters with other characters that can end peacefully or devolve into combat situations with a wide variety of tactical options at your disposal.
  • Detailed inventory management and a crafting system that makes every decision about what to carry and what to abandon a potentially crucial decision.
  • Numerous narrative arcs and unique encounters to reward those brave enough to venture deep into Michigan’s wilderness or clever enough to gain access to Detroit’s closely guarded enclave of civilization.