Orange Moon, Exolon-inspired action platformer launches on Steam

Orange Moon, an atmospheric action-platformer that merges RPG mechanics with a healthy dose of puzzle-solving, is now available as a full Steam title. Face deadly environmental hazards and aggressive, ill-tempered lifeforms as you explore a haunting, surreal 2D alien world.

Developed by Betelgeuse Zero and published by M4, Orange Moon’s monochromatic environments are filled to the brim with acid swamps, deep craters, and toxic clouds. You must take on raiders, biomechanoids, and carnivorous plants to forge ahead on your quest for ancient artifacts. This may seem like an impossible task, but you’ll have the proper tools at your disposal: Tons of weapons and equipment are available if you know where to look – including upgradeable machine guns, flamethrowers, and hand cannons!

Each enemy type is vulnerable to particular ammunition, so choose your weapon loadout wisely: Good judgement and fast fingers offer the best chance of survival against the game’s formidable bosses …

“When I was a kid in the late ‘80s, I spent hours playing Exolon – an Amiga game that only sported two colors: black and orange,” says Denys Shyshkin, lead developer at Betelgeuse Zero. “As I worked on Orange Moon, I often thought of Exolon – remembering the countless hours I spent in front of my computer monitor. Now, after two years in development, my game has become even more complex!”

Orange Moon is a great example of an indie game that punches above its weight,” adds Jeff Giasson, founder and CEO at M4. “Denys has made some strong aesthetic choices – starting with the color scheme – and his passion is visible in every frame of animation. Memorable games are made of strange and beautiful worlds like the one portrayed in Orange Moon.”

Key Features

  • Explore a mysterious world filled with hostile lifeforms.
  • Survive by acquiring and utilizing an array of unique weapons, equipment, ammunition, and upgrades.
  • Solve complex puzzles to successfully uncover the secrets surrounding you.
  • Fight bizarre enemies – from carnivorous plants to deadly biomechanoids – and defeat fearsome bosses.
  • Overcome harsh and treacherous environments with obstacles such as acid swamps, toxic clouds, and deep craters.
  • Play your way with full language support for French, German, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.