Wands, Spell-casting VR game launches on Oculus Rift

Award winning Cortopia Studios proudly announces the launch of their hero title Wands on the Oculus Rift. For players into magic, action, strategy, e-sports and VR, Wands on the Oculus Rift is a title soon to be on top of every gamer’s hotlist.

Standing in the Beyond, looking at your Wand and feeling the rush upon casting your first spell. Magic has never felt so real.

Hear from which direction you’re being attacked, physically dodge the incoming fireball, teleport and delve into the stunning graphics and map designs. The new Wands is a game strongly focused on immersion. Positional tracking enables the player to peek around corners, cast spells from different angles and further elaborate on strategic decisions necessary to compete for the top position on the global leaderboard. In the Beyond, your weapon of choice is your wand and with dozens of spells to choose from; you’ll find yourself refining strategies and spell selections over and over. Wands not only sets the bar for what a VR game can be, it creates a new magical space for competitive gaming.

Andreas Skoglund, new CEO of Cortopia Studios and prior producer at DICE, is very proud to present their new creation:

– With the launch on Oculus Rift, we have really made the game everything it can be with the high performance of the platform, taking full advantage of the additional features available, like positional tracking and advanced controllers to get you more in touch with your Wielder. I am really looking forward to see Wands in the hands of Rift owners.

Cross-platform play and enhanced magic

With an already active player base, Cortopia Studios has opened up the possibility of cross-platform play throughout all Wands’ current distributors (incl. Gear VR, Google Daydream and Pico)Wands goes above and beyond to engage the players, and with the Oculus Rift launch it’s safe to say that Wands aspires to fulfil any magical desires you might have from a competitive PvP VR game.