Pro Basketball Manager is back in January 2017!

Cyanide and Umix Studios return to the world of basketball with a new edition of Pro Basketball Manager, to be released on Windows PC in January 2017! Bolstered by the experience gained on the previous editions of the game, the two studios intend to offer basketball fans an even more realistic management sim.

Much work has been concentrated on the immersion of the player in the role of manager, providing numerous custom messages. Scouting, recruiting, 2D and 3D matches were also remodeled. Pro Basketball Manager 2017 will also, for the first time, integrate the Steam Workshop that will allow players to easily exchange game content, such as customized databases.

Pro Basketball Manager 2017 will let you take control of your own basketball team, whether you choose a fledgling or well-established club. Numerous choices are available to you in order to manage your players as well as your finances and your facilities! This comprehensive management game offers more than 10,000 players taking part in more than 70, faithfully reproduced, worldwide basketball competitions.

Pro Basketball Manager will be available in January 2017 on the Steam platform.