New Puzzle Game Lands on Nintendo 3DS with a Splat!

Lightwood Games is excited to announce that “Splat The Difference” is now available on the Nintendo eShop.

This brand new spot the difference game for Nintendo 3DS presents the classic puzzle with a fun and colourful theme, where messy “splats” of paint are used to mark the differences between two pictures.

The unique wireless multiplayer feature lets up to 4 players battle it out on the same puzzles, and with Download Play, only one copy of the game is required.

Four different game modes are available for both solo and multiplayer games, including an untimed Casual Mode and a mind-bending Mirror Mode where one picture is flipped upside down.

With hundreds of pictures and differences that change each time you play, the puzzles never repeat!

Splat The Difference is now available on the Nintendo eShop priced €5.00 / £4.50 / $5.00.