Race Kings is released on mobile platforms

Hutch announce that Race Kings is now released on mobile platforms worldwide. In this thrilling new drift racing game players compete against live, real-time opponents in high-stakes duels to progress up the global ranks. A variety of daily, weekly and monthly events across multiple tracks offer players an in-depth experience, with made-for-touch controls and amazing high-definition graphics rarely seen on mobile. The game is now available free-to-play from the App Store and Google Play.

Race Kings offers intense, winner-takes-all drift duels that put the corners back into mobile racing. Players take every bend sideways in a scream of smoking tires, with their rival just inches from the window, and the finish line only seconds away.  Players can check the latest offers in the live car market, and buy stunning licensed models from iconic brands including Bugatti, Lotus and Pagani. Season events offer racers that chance to win exclusive unique variants to show off on the start line.

Racers will stake in-game cash on beating real-time online opponents, who are automatically matched based on skill, ensuring fast and rewarding dules.  Bigger wins means faster progress up the event leaderboards – the higher the risk, the bigger the reward – while players can tip the odds in their favour by upgrading their car’s speed, handling and more.

Ben Board, Project Lead on Race Kings, comments: “With Hutch’s world-class talent, we have been focussed on making Race Kings a game to stand alongside the very best in the genre. We aimed to create something that encapsulates our shared passion for cool cars and high-octane racing, with incredible 60Hz visuals, whilst creating 24/7 live global competitions that are fast and skilful. Our players have the chance to collect and race the very best licensed models from a range of top manufacturers. We’re excited to see players competing in live drift racing, and battle to become legends in the world of Race Kings!”

Download Race Kings from the App Store and Google Play and drift your way to the top of the global leaderboard!