Red Dwarf XI : The Game on mobile

UKTV has announced the launch of an official mobile app today based on the hit TV series Red Dwarf XI. Just like the popular TV show, which started its eagerly awaited eleventh series last night on Dave, you take command of the mining ship Red Dwarf and her crew to explore deep space.

UKTV, Grant Naylor Productions and GameDigits Ltd. have teamed up to create an action-packed mobile game that ties in with the new series of the multi award-winning TV show Red Dwarf. Players take command of the mining ship Red Dwarf and follow the characters on a journey through deep space, trying to find earth. The game mirrors the episodes within the series and contains additional content written by Doug Naylor specifically for the game.

For the first time ever, fans and friends can now play in the Red Dwarf Universe on the App Store and Google Play anytime, anywhere!

Players will experience an explosive mix of arcade, strategy and action games as they journey through their adventure. As the story unfolds they will unlock more games, collect special items and ultimately upgrade their ship. With a wide range of varied experiences, from blasting their way through an asteroid field, to trying to master Starbug’s complex control panels, this game sets out to be the most advanced and compelling Red Dwarf mobile game to date.

Doug Naylor said, 
“I’m thrilled to be working with GameDigits on a Red Dwarf XI game. If I get time between playing it to release it, Red Dwarf fans might get to play it too.”

Steve North, General Manager of Dave, said,
“We are very excited to be working with GameDigits again, they did a fantastic job on the Storage Hunters UKTV The Game and the Red Dwarf app looks incredible. We are so happy to be able to finally give the Red Dwarf fans another way to interact with their favourite show.”

Ian Lindsey, managing director of GameDigits, said, 
“Since being an avid fan of Red Dwarf from the first series, it is a dream opportunity to be able to make a game for series XI. Working on this project has created one of those magical combinations, where the show’s genre and the gameplay work perfectly together. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the legendary Doug Naylor, alongside UKTV and Grant Naylor Productions.”

As players progress through the game, they unlock more content and achieve an overall score, ranked alongside other players worldwide via the on-line leaderboards. 

One of the most interesting concepts used in this game is that it follows series XI’s storyline, along with additional sub-plots, written by Doug Naylor, specifically for the game. Frequent free updates will be released as the series progresses, mirroring the storylines featured in the episodes as shown on Dave.

‘Red Dwarf XI : The Game’ will be available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play from 22nd September 2016 at a special introductory launch price. New episodes of Red Dwarf XI air Thursdays 9pm on Dave and are available to preview on UKTV Play.