RO: Click H5, First update adds world raid bosses

  • World Raid content has been added! Let’s work together to defeat the boss!

  • Transcendent Adventurers and equipment are now available in the Item shop!

Gravity recently announced their first update for ‘RO: Click H5’ on November 28th.

According to the firm, players can enjoy World Raid Bosses through the new update. Players can participate in the raids an unlimited number of times to obtain rewards based off the damage done to the boss.

The World Boss Raids opens every day from 12 AM until 6 PM. If the World Boss Raid fails, players will then encounter a monster of a lower level.

Additionally, RO: Click H5 has strived to improve the users’ experience. Players can now purchase Transcendent Adventurers and equipment with Emperium in the item shop. Players were only able to obtain these legendary items and units through long game play before this exciting update.

‘RO: Click H5’ is an international version of Ragnarok Click H5 which was launched last April in Korea. Global players can enjoy RO: Click H5 in English, German, French, Indonesian, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, as well as Traditional and Simplified Chinese. ‘RO: Click H5’ is available for download through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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