Robot Gentleman, the creators of 60 Seconds!, have announced their new game, Stray (Video)

Robot Gentleman, the developers of the highly acclaimed 60 Seconds!, have teamed up with award-wining cinematographer Kacper Fertacz to bring the cinematic platformer Stray to life.

For a dog lost in an unfamiliar wilderness, the road may be long and the journey harsh. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and strength is what you’ll need to get home. But where is home?

That’s how the new adventure from Robot Gentleman begins. Following the success of 60 Seconds!, the developers have set out to tell another incredible story. Together with the accomplished cinematographer Kacper Fertacz (The Last Family, Hardkor Disko, Red Captain, and more), they have creating a title that will combine the interactive engagement of games with the magic of cinema.

Stray is a cinematic platformer about a dog. Once a pet, now Stray, you embark on the most dramatic adventure of a dog’s life. Wandering through the untamed world, you will encounter the darkness and light that dwells within. Facing the wilderness will only be possible with all of your animal senses and instincts. Any howl could be your last and one step too many could turn you into prey. But the only way to go back is to push forward. Uncover Stray’s touching story and find your way home.

·         Take part in Stray’s adventure in this beautifully crafted single-player cinematic platformer
·         Experience the dramatic story of Stray’s way back home
·         Become Stray and use your keen dog senses and animal instincts to survive your journey
·         Discover the wonders and horrors that await you in the wilderness of man and beast

The release date of Stray hasn’t been set yet. The game will launch on PC and consoles.