RORTOS, the Italian leader in the development of flight simulators, announced today that “BLUE ANGELS: Ready, Break!”, will launch later this month for PC Windows. Rortos successfully launched the flight simulator by the same name for iOS and Android platforms in mid-July, and an Xbox version of the game is also being planned.

Presented at the National Naval Aviation Museum of Pensacola in Florida during the weekend of the Blue Angels’ airshow in July, the simulator of the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron for PC and Surface Windows 10 includes many additions and enhancements from the mobile version of the game. The PC game will include innovations such as improved graphics as well as the compatibility with the joystick, Hotas, Flight Yoke and Pedals for an even more immersive and realistic experience.

“Our goal was to respond to the requests of our fans and the flight simulator community and turn some of their suggestions into reality,” said Roberto Simonetto, CEO of RORTOS. “By providing this incredible flight simulator for our PC player fan base, we are creating an even better riveting gaming experience for our fans. The addition of a specific guide system for the keyboard and joystick will evoke a more authentic Blue Angels experience for players.”

The main features are:
– U.S. NAVY license
– Optimized and improved gaming graphics for more and more realistic scenarios
– Support of joystick, Hotas, Flight Yoke Flight Pedals
– Pilot F/A-18 fighter and C-130 “Fat Albert” transport aircraft
– Innovative formation flying and assisted guidance system
– All official Blue Angels maneuvers, playable in all roles
– All configurations: takeoff, diamond, delta, echelon, line abreast and soloist
– Use Airshow Mode to complete a real exhibition with a custom sequence of maneuvers
– Additive Mode to create your aerobatic figure
– Special missions: freeflight, exploratory, pursuit and C-130 JATO
– 3D Briefing display for an easy understanding of flight maneuvers
– Innovative help system with three levels of difficulty to suit both beginners and more experienced pilots
– Accurate trajectory measurement system for evaluation of the score
– Best world performance ranking
– 3D Cockpit
– Multi-camera replay with dynamic visuals
– Exploratory area of the aircrafts

Discover all the secrets of aerobatics with 3D briefing, take complete control and activate the aircraft with the right timing on the rudder, landing gear and smoke deployment! Take off, fly and run all opening maneuvers with the C-130 “Fat Albert”, either “PARADE PASS” or “ASSAULT LANDING,” with no limits, and you just have to give it your best. Now you can sit in the cockpit as a soloist and perform an “AILERON ROLL” to familiarize yourself with your own F/A-18 to then use all your adrenaline in increasingly challenging and complex maneuvers up to formation flying: the “DIAMOND ROLL,” “DELTA BREAK-OUT,” and “FLEUR DE LIS” are just a few examples of all the possible shapes that you will be called upon to perform by covering all roles of the true Blue Angels pilots.

Plan your exhibition by composing real aerobatics with faithfully reproduced official scenarios: NAF El Centro, NAS Key West, Reno, Elmendorf AFB and Baltimore. Your ultimate goal is to complete all airshows! You can do this by executing the real maneuvers in sequence or randomly. You have the freedom of choice. For every maneuver, you decide what role to play: the #1 FLIGHT LEADER, one of the wings, the #2 RIGHT WING and #3 LEFT WING, the #4 SLOT or one of the soloists, the #5 LEAD and #6 OPPOSING SOLO.

Create aerobatic figures with additive mode! Freely position the planes in the scenario you’ve chosen and decide whether to make them take off. You can start with a standard flight or high altitude and then take control of each aircraft in sequence. Aim nose up, make a loop, light the smoke, fly as you like, and when you’re satisfied, the session for the first plane ends and the second aircraft takes off. Choose to fly in free formation or DIAMOND, DELTA, ECHELON, and LINE ABREAST and make spectacular combinations that you can relive with the use of multi-camera replays.

Our trajectory detection system will tell you how accurate you are and the more precise you will be at all stages of the maneuver, the higher your score. Complete the figures to your best ability, exercise, win all medals and gain experience to rise to this level. This will give the you best scores and you will reach the top of the leaderboard!

With more than 60 million users around the world, thanks to products such as Carrier Landings, Extreme Landings, AirFighter, Helicopter Sim, Historical Landings, Battleship Destroyer and Air Navy Fighters, RORTOS is ready to launch, during the year, new simulators, with important and prestigious collaborations.

RORTOS is based in Verona and consists of an all-Italian team. Born in 2012 it carries forward its mission with enthusiasm and quality: spreading the passion for flight through an experience that is accessible to everyone.

Current RORTOS simulators are developed for iOS, Android, Mac, PC platforms and can be downloaded from Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Amazon AppStore.

The game will be available for $9.99 through the Windows store.