Roterra Extreme – Great Escape, The Story Continues Trailer

Return to the magical world of Roterra, where “up” is relative and you may need to walk across the ceiling or down a wall to find your way. The popular puzzle adventure game selected by Apple editors as Game of the Day emerges with a sequel where Orlando escapes the castle and then proceeds to get lost in the desert while plotting his revenge.

Puzzle players get ready to up your game, Roterra Extreme – Great Escape contains new, harder puzzles. Even the most adept puzzler will be challenged by the 35 all new, hand-built puzzles over 10 levels. Roterra Extreme™ continues the story from Orlando’s perspective as he runs for safety when his plan to get rid of Angelica falls through. This time, the mazes are created by the world of Roterra itself, punishing Orlando for stealing his sister’s magic. Orlando’s journey is hard and frustrating; his “helpers” are often not very helpful and the world’s magic takes every opportunity to turn him around and block his path. He even finds himself hallucinating as he becomes increasingly more panicked and lost. Where Angelica’s story is one of triumph and self-discovery, Orlando’s only concern is escaping pursuit and finding a safe place to regroup.

Roterra Extreme Great Escape – Launching November 14 2019 on Apple iOS.