SCRAP, platformer on Nintendo Switch

SCRAP is a new platformer from Ultimate Games S.A. for the Nintendo Switch. The game stands out, among other things, with its unique graphics and audio settings as well as simple control, along with a total of 33 levels waiting for players.

In SCRAP the player takes on the role of a mechanic hero — after an unexpected awakening — has no choice and must flee with the futuristic factory. Suitable climates are created by stylish graphics and an electronic soundtrack. In total, 33 differentiated levels in 3 different worlds are waiting for players.

As the game’s creators explain, the gameplay is based on simple and intuitive controls — the player does not have the possibility to stop and must go forward all the time, jumping and avoiding the numerous hazards. The gameplay is additionally diversified with a power-up system and at various levels, there are also small tips that can help in the event of problems.

Main features of SCRAP:

  • 33 differentiated levels in 3 different worlds;

  • unique graphic style;

  • simple and intuitive control;

  • tips and power-ups;

  • climate soundtrack.