Sky Sanctuary, a VR game (Video)

The VR Game from the indie studio Glitchr just hit Steam Early Access today. Sky Sanctuary is a VR game for the HTC Vive that train you to become a samurai in a peaceful and enchanting environment.

For the next months, the developers plan to add more activities such as new weapons, sandbox interactions, new game modes and islands…).

Have you ever wanted to be a samurai? On this beautiful archipelago high in the clouds, you can make your dreams come true. Take a stroll in a peaceful VR sanctuary. Empty your mind, focus and unleash your combat skills. Archery, Katana moves, throwing arts (shuriken and smoke bomb) and many other practices await you. With your robot companion, explore the archipelago to reveal its secrets and become a true samurai.

Sky Sanctuary features:

•Master the way of samurai: Bow, katana, shaken, smoke bomb, flame thrower and way more weapons to come
•Freely explore a stunning environment: You’re not stuck in one place with your weapons. You can move all around the islands and enjoy beautiful panoramas.
•Make a new friend: You’re not alone. Delios your kawaii robot companion will train you and guide you through your journey.
•Be ready for new content: We have crafted 4 main islands with care, love and scalability in mind. Thus, we will easily connect new ones for upcoming amazing activities (soon tm).
•Spam the bull’s eye: Bend your bow and discover Kyudo (japanese archery). With 3 Game Modes available (Precision, Dynamic, Skeet), become the real #RobinHoodSama
•Cut tatami rolls in a frenetic race: Draw your katana in several difficulty modes. As a Tameshigiri master, seek for the perfect moves.
•Get the best out of your HTC Vive: Don’t be shy, move your body. Sky Sanctuary is especially designed for your device and its motion tracking system.
•Beat the highscores: Compete with your friends all around the world in leaderboards. Become a legend.