Skyworld, VR strategy game now available

Vertigo Games – creators of the award-winning VR shooter Arizona Sunshine – and Wolfdog Interactive today release their VR strategy game Skyworld. Combining accessible turn-based strategy and addictive real-time battles, Skyworld is available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Skyworld reinvents classic strategy gameplay for VR without compromising on gameplay depth by using intuitive VR controls and providing player feedback right on the VR battlefield. Step into intricately animated fantasy worlds where you are king and watch your battle maps come to life around you. Built in gaming sessions optimal for VR, Skyworld lets you conquer and reunite all Skyworlds in the full-size campaign and challenge friend or foe in online cross-platform multiplayer mode.

Reinvents Classic Strategy Gameplay for VR

  • Conquer multiple unique VR worlds in a story-based campaign
  • Manage your population, buildings & resources turn-by-turn
  • Command your forces in addictive real-time battles
  • Research and upgrade a full roster of units & legendaries
  • Build a powerful, balanced deck across 4 categories: land, air, ranged & spells
  • Compete across a diverse range of skirmish maps

Built from the Ground Up for VR. Innovates traditional UIs with intuitive VR controls & in-world feedback

Highly Interactable Fantasy Worlds. Influence a range of VR worlds with every decision you make
Full-feature VR Game. Offers a story-based single player campaign, skirmish mode and online cross-platform multiplayer

Skyworld now available on Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.