SPILLZ, puzzle game on iOS and Android devices

Kwalee launches outrageously fun puzzle game SPILLZ!

Developer Kwalee, fronted by Codemasters co-founder David Darling, is excited to announce that our new title SPILLZ is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

Tap blocks to send your bucket crashing to the ground, but if you time it wrong your balls will go spilling to the ground. And nobody wants to end up ball-less!

Earn stars across a huge variety of levels and unlock upgrades like new cups, backgrounds and balls for endless block-busting fun!

Kwalee CEO David Darling: “With SPILLZ, we honed in on a simple, fun mechanic that’s familiar but amusingly watchable. There’s just something oddly appealing about balls flying and spilling all over the place, and I mean that with the utmost seriousness. I think.”

“I can talk about the game all I like, but in reality the joy of SPILLZ is in watching and playing the silliness unfold.”

SPILLZ is free to download.