Star Sky – Out now on Steam!

Star Sky, the meditative platform game by by Mårten Jonsson is out now on Steam:

Star Sky is a game about a man taking a midnight stroll. You take the same road as many times as you want, each time hopefully unlocking new encounters. Can you unlock the mysteries of the night?

Star Sky is not a game for everyone. It is a slow-paced game of exploring different choices. There are secrets to unlock, and for those who make it to the end, there is alot of interesting things to reflect about. It is also a peaceful experience and a game about enjoying the ambience the world around you can provide. Make the choices, watch what happens, unlock the secret.

The game is meant to be a relaxing and ambient experience focusing on creating a soothing atmosphere rather than intense gameplay. It is similar to an interactive poem. A poem that has several endings and allow you to explore different scenarios. It is important that you take your time and allow yourself to feel the game as you play it.


“This is an interactive experience to spark your imagination, warm your heart and say goodbye like a brief romance.”
What About The Game?

“A relaxing evening stroll might prove perfect for an end of game session wind down.”
Nintendo Legacy

“If you’re looking for a new, gaming related experience, give this Star Sky a go.”
Gaming Boulevard

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