Independent game studio announced today the mobile debut of their hit game, Storm Wars CCG. Storm Wars is a free-to-play collectible card game (CCG), combining lightning-fast battles with deep deck building strategy. The fully automated battles resolve as quickly as the player wishes – for fans of strategic card games, it’s a whole new kind of rush!
When discussing the strategy behind expanding to mobile, CEO Janus Anderson said, “We’re so proud to bring Storm Wars to mobile. It pushes the boundaries on conventional mobile offerings, in terms of both gameplay and technology. Players experiencing Storm Wars for the first time will gain access to the same rich content available on the PC version, and our existing player base will have access to their games whenever or wherever they want to play.”

Set on the floating fantasy world of Atlantea, players explore mysterious lands to recruit the best warriors, beasts, elves, and demons for their army. Players experience an immersive solo experience, or can elect to take part in exhilarating player-vs-player (PVP) battles and tournaments. 
       Epic battles play out in under a minute – perfect for on-the-go players.
       Mark out your opponent and lead your hero and custom crew into battle: then watch the chaos as the carnage unfolds.
       With hundreds of unique cards to choose from, each with their own stats and abilities, the strategic possibilities are endless!
Initially an Android exclusive for mobile, Storm Wars CCG is slated for an iOS release in early 2017.