Get Sum is a fun puzzle game (Video)

Get Sum is a fun puzzle game which can help children with their math skills as well as providing unique and challenging game-play for adults.

Get Sum includes:
•Addition Sums
•Subtraction Sums
•Multiplication Sums
•Division Sums

Get Sum features two game modes:
•Timed mode
•Practice Modes

In timed more players must match the answers to the equations before the timer runs out. The more answers you get right the harder the equations will become. If the time runs out the game is over, keeping players on their toes!

In practice mode the player can select which type of equation they want to practice and can play without the timer present, helping them improve their knowledge of equations.

•Correctly answering an equation when it is touching another equation of the same type will reward you with a bonus and remove all those answers from the from the grid!
•Players must answer equations of a different type to remove them from the grid in a bid to place equations of the same type together to build a better combo when they answer them!
•For every 100 points scored a token is given, when 10 tokens are earned they can be spent to reset the timer and keep the game going!
•Lastly, the answer tiles can be refreshed at any point but it will cost the player time, reset them wisely!

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