Super Button Soccer released Windows, Mac and Linux (Video)

The referee blows his whistle and the ball rolls in Super Button Soccer, a digital re-creation of one of the most traditional Brazilian board games, built by soccer fans for soccer fans. After being presented to the public at Brazil Game Show 2015, where it was nominated one of the best original games of the show, and a recent success of audience on Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (BIG) 2016, the game is ready for official release and available on Steam for $9.99 in Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

Super Button Soccer is an action / strategy game that offers a soccer experience based on buttons and collectible cards that are used for online and local multiplayer matches. Players can also train against CPU controlled teams, compete on cups, and collect new cards that unlock stadiums, logos, kits, and players with various sizes and materials like magnets, iron, rubber and plastic. The game is easy to learn and has intuitive controls, but at the same time offers a degree of customization that requires strategy to combine cards for creating the ultimate button soccer team.

During all development and Early Access stages Smyowl made sure to hear the audience for creating the best experience: “The feedbacks and suggestions from visitors at BGS 2015, BIG 2016 and of all online players during Early Access were crucial for evolving the game and getting to the point that we are right now. We all love soccer here in the studio, and aimed to create the game that we always wanted to play when we were kids. We are very confident that this passion will be felt by players all over the world now, and that someday the competitions may even evolve into an interesting e-Sport”, said Mauricio Alegretti, Smyowl VP of Games.

Each match of Super Button Soccer is unique, where the button types (rubber, metal, magnet), stadiums (arena, training, indoor, ice and street) and balls (regular, classic, rubber and wood) influence directly the strategy, physics and mechanics at play. For controlling the teams, players can use a gamepad, keyboard and mouse, all balanced in an accessible mechanic with an easy learning curve.
Super Button Soccer