Thumb Treadz, New custom thumb grips for the Switch controller

iMP is proud to announce the release of Thumb Treadz thumb grips for Nintendo Switch.

Thumb Treadz attach to the original Switch JoyCon analogue sticks and provide increased grip and comfort during gameplay. Thumb Treadz also save wear and tear on the original stick surfaces.

Thumb Treadz come in packs of 4, offering a ridged soft silicone grip in black, or red and blue to match your console JoyCons.

Thumb Treadz can also be switched easily.

Thumb Treadz represent a great add-on sale with all console and first party controllers and are a perfect added value bundle offer with selected game titles.

Get Traction on the Action!

Dean Harvey, iMP Managing Director said “Thumb Treadz are a great low-cost enhancement for your gaming controllers, providing improved comfort and grip during those heated gaming sessions! Switch JoyCons are expensive to replace so the Thumb Treadz will protect the control surfaces and enhance your gameplay at the same time.”

iMP Thumb Treadz for Nintendo Switch.
Available now at selected stores and e-tailers.

SRP: £3.99/€4.99/$5.99 for 4 Thumb Treadz.