Traitor’s Empire for Android

Triple Rocket announced the release of Traitor’s Empire on the Google Play Store™.

“As the heir to an Empire lies murdered, a band of heroes must join together to uncover a conspiracy, right ancient wrongs and ultimately gain revenge.”

Traitor’s Empire combines the best elements of turn-based RPGs and collectible card games: Bring your heroes through an epic storyline, defeat monsters and level up, and build decks of cards to enable powerful attacks and customize hero abilities.

In the turn-based battle system you control a team of heroes, taking turns moving, attacking and playing the cards available to them. Your foes are both human and monstrous, all with special abilities and cards of their own, changing the course of every fight.
Play as a single player through a campaign featuring story decisions and numerous battles, where tactical decisions and planning decide whether you win or lose!
Play with others as you join forces to conquer boss fights and epic events, or attack other players and add plunder to your stash!

Now, claim your rightful place in the Empire!

Out now for Android and soon for iPhone and iPad.