Trinium Wars launches on Steam Early Access

Trinium Wars will be available via Steam Early Access in the Steam Store. Developer Hanmarusoft and publisher InselGames have put together a Deluxe and a Collector’s Edition, which will not only include exclusive items, but also Starter Packages with Boosters to help players get their footing in the Trinium Wars. A new trailer accompanies the launch.

It is a battle of giants. Humanity tries to claim back their planet, while the Narc, an alien race from a distant galaxy, will defend their new homeworld at all costs. In between these two factions lie mutated beasts and the most precious resource in the universe: Trinium.

Today, Sci-Fi MMORPG Trinium Wars launches on Steam, and players will have to choose a side to fight for fame, glory and Trinium.

Two different packages are available for sale, giving Early Access players an easy start into the game and coming with a 33% launch discount. The Deluxe Edition not only includes an exclusive gasmask, the starter pack with variety of helpful boosters and items, but also four additional inventory slots and a mount. Speeders are the perfect way to get around and can cover long distances in a short amount of time. The whole bundle, containing 30€ worth of bonuses, will be priced at 10.04$/9,37€.

Including everything of the Deluxe Edition, the Collector’s Edition grants more inventory slots and an exclusive Steampunk costume for your character. The visuals of the blue costume vary depending on the wearer’s class. Collector’s Edition, which combines 84€ worth of items, and bonuses, is available for 23.44$/22,10€.

Players should jump on the occasion and get their copy of Trinium Wars now, benefitting from many bonuses and a great value. The 33% off sale is planned to last for a whole week following launch.

Trinium Wars is out now on Early Access and can be bought in the Steam Store.

About Trinium Wars:
Developed by Jang Wook Lee, Lead Artist of Diablo 3, Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Planet Earth after World War III. Join the fight for the rarest substance in the universe: Trinium. Support the Human forces to reconquer their home planet, which they had to leave after the devastating consequences of World War III, or join forces with the alien Narc, who found Earth in the search for a new home. Varied quests will lead you through the story of Trinium Wars. Special instance missions allow you to transform into tanks or Robots. As high level content up to 1000 players can fight at the same time in the “Resource War” mode, building up camps and mining precious Trinium. In addition to PvE gameplay and the PvP focused “Resource War”, Trinium Wars offers an additional MOBA themed, arena-style PVP mode while the base-building mode will allow for more tactical choices and the power to craft new equipment, potions and even skills. The big run for Trinium has started. Be part of it!

•two unique races, Humans and Narc, featuring unique graphic style
•different regions with unique environments
•post-apocalyptic / Sci Fi setting
•base-building mode: players can build various buildings in their base to produce equipment, potions and even skills
•player-driven economy including Auction House trading
•customizable UI
•instance missions let you transform into tanks or robots
•exciting PVP MOBA-style matches in special battle arenas (unlocked at level 10)
•faction-based PvP action for up to 1000 players in Resource War mode (unlocked at level 30, coming soon after launch)