Tunnels & Trolls Adventures on the App Store and Google Play

MetaArcade, the indie developer building a platform where players can create and publish their own RPG adventures, announced it has launched Tunnels & Trolls™ Adventures on the App Store and Google Play. Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, which is also planned for release on PC, Mac and Steam later this year, is a dungeon crawling RPG experience that brings to life new and classic quests from Tunnels & Trolls, the second RPG ever published. The game represents the first component of MetaArcade’s new platform, with the other being the upcoming Adventure Creator software that will allow players to create their own quests for the game.

Tunnels & Trolls Adventures is the first salvo in MetaArcade’s ambitious plans to bring narrative adventures to multiple platforms. The roleplaying game brings new and classic Tunnels & Trolls quests to life with player characters, choose your adventure-style decisions, thrilling die rolls, iconic imagery, sweet loot, immersive audio and more. In the free-to-play title, players will make choices and see how dice rolls affect their character’s success—or failure. Multiple unique characters can be created in the game, with experience and loot carrying through as players complete the various adventure modules. The game includes five quests on day one, and more adventures will be available after launch. The ability to add hearts to play every adventure as many times as you want is available via in-game purchase or by watching videos. Through the purchase of gems, players can also permanently unlock any adventure for unlimited play without using up hearts.

Adventures in the base game include Naked Doom and Grimtina’s Guard from Tunnels & Trolls creator, Ken St. Andre, Golden Dust, Red Death by RPG designer and Star Wars author, Michael Stackpole, and Buffalo Castle, the first solo adventure created for any RPG. More adventures will be added via game updates. The game features art from well-known fantasy artists, including Liz Danforth, artist and co-designer of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, and the late Josh Kirby, best known for creating the cover art for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.

Tunnels & Trolls Adventures is now available for iOS and Android as a free download with in-app purchases.