‘Unlucky 13’ on the App Store and Google Play

Indie game developer, ‘Total Eclipse’ is proud to announce the release of its 10th title, Unlucky 13, on the App Store and Google Play.

Unlucky 13 is a ridiculously addictive, endless block game made for puzzle lovers of all ages! The goal is to make lines with tiles of any colour by placing blocks on a board. If you connect 13 or more tiles of the same colour, or if a block won’t fit anywhere on the board, you lose!

It’s simple yet deceptively challenging, and even though one may think it’s all about luck, success requires skill and strategy. If at any point things get tough, special power ups can be used to ease the situation.

As with Total Eclipse’s previous title, A Clockwork Brain 2.0, players should be prepared to give their brain a workout, and hone their perception and number skills.

Unlucky 13 Features

  • Easy to pick up and play, but make no mistake – tough to master! Fun, simple, and addictive gameplay!
  • Play at your own pace: use the auto-save feature, and resume whenever you want!
  • Minimal & balanced, gorgeous, graphics, and upbeat music & SFX!
  • Love customization? Unlock more than 10 beautiful, minimal, and soothing themes!
  • Achievement hoarder? There are some crazy, tough, and weird ones to discover!
  • Heading for the top of the charts? Show the others who’s boss by participating in the leaderboards!
  • Share your high scores and invite your friends to join the competition!
  • International appeal with support for 14 languages!

Pricing and availability
Unlucky 13 is a free-to-play game with In-App Purchases and is available for phones and tablets running iOS 8.0+/Android 4.1+.