Valkyria Shooter, Running & Shooting RPG on Mobile

GamePple, a South Korean indie-game developer announced the global launch of their new casual running RPG, Valkyria Shooter.

Valkyria Shooter is a new run and gun shooting RPG developed by GamePple. Valkyria Shooter includes the concepts of the lore of Eda mythology, such as Valkyria, Freya, and Ragnarok, and tells the story of the Valkyrias and their search for the heart of the original Ymir to fight against powerful gods and monsters.

Valkyria Shooter has cute and charming cartoon-like graphics, which everyone will love, and is a new style running and shooting game with unique arcade game features that combine escaping and shooting elements.

Players can take a different approach to thrilling combat action, such as running, shooting, jumping, dashing, avoiding terrifying enemy attacks, launching attacks, and more. The game contains over 10,000 stages along with six dungeons playable at four different difficulty levels.

With an RPG-style upgrade system to manage, players can enhance Valkyrias and Freya with the special goods obtained in the dungeons, summon legendary servants and artifacts, and provide users with the fun of party combinations that can use a variety of tactics.

Valkyria Shooter initiated a soft launch for a period of three months in a handful of Southeast Asian countries.  Valkyria Shooter is available on the Google Play Store in English.  An iOS version will also be available on the App Store soon. Valkyria Shooter is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

GamePple will continue to update new content such as Valkyrias, servants, and artifacts, along with new dungeons.

About Valkyria Shooter
Valkyria Shooter is a mobile Running & Shooting RPG developed by GamePple in South Korea. Based on the concepts of the lore of Eda mythology, the main features of the game include cute and charming cartoon-like graphics, over 10,000 stages, and six dungeons playable at four different difficulty levels, all with RPG elements.