Way of the Passive Fist on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC/Mac/Linux

Household Games has launched their highly-anticipated debut title,  Way of the Passive Fist, on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC/Mac/Linux via Steam.

The praised single player side-scrolling action arcade brawler game is the debut project from developer Household Games. Way of the Passive Fist is among one of five indie games to be included in GameSpot’s “Hidden Gems: 5 Games To Be Excited About In 2018” list, and the title sparked Rock, Paper, Shotgun to coin the term “Parrylicious.” In 2017, Way of the Passive Fist was selected to participate in curated indie game showcases with Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West in Seattle, as well as 5th Annual Day of the Devs in San Francisco, produced by Double Fine and iam8bit.

The core of Way of the Passive Fist’s gameplay is its unique defensive fighting style to outlast and exhaust the enemies where players must master the timing of their parries, deflections, dashes, and dodges. Playing as the Wanderer, players should rack up their combo meter by timing their parries and dodges to deliver damaging offensive blows when facing off the different bosses at the end of each chapter.

Way of the Passive Fist also has a vast array of accessibility features, to give players a customizable experience and tailor the settings to their liking. Players will be able to fully remap the control scheme to play one-handed, modify the game settings if they’re visually impaired or sensitive to sudden flashing lights, as well as customize gameplay difficulty settings to fit their play-style. VICE’s gaming culture website, Waypoint, has praised the developer’s approach in creating and offering these distinct accessibility features, saying that Way of the Passive Fist’s accessibility is one of the coolest features and that “more games should steal these options from (the) Way of the Passive Fist.”