White Night, Out on mobiles

Playdigious & OSome Studio announced that White Night is  finally available for download on  iOS  and  Android.

White Night  is a narrative survival horror game that takes place in the noir-era of the 1930’s. Unique with it’s art style and spooky ambience, it’s a crossroad between a book, a movie and a video game.

In America’s  early thirties, explore the macabre past of an old family manor by solving puzzles of light and shadows. From the fragile light of a match to the life-saving mystical moonlight, your path will be scattered by fear, and death..

White Night  has been carefully optimized for mobile devices including iPhone X and includes the mobile specific features:
Mobile features:

  • Highlight system  for interactable objects
  • New saving system
  • Camera effect optimized for mobile with sway adjustment
  • Optimized pathfinding
  • Optimized performance to run on at least 1GB of Ram devices
  • Optimized to run on most mobile graphic chipsets