Speedball Arena, a futuristic sports game for both VR and PC players

Speedball Arena, a futuristic sports game developed for both VR and PC players, launched today on Steam Store. For VR users, the game is set to support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Developed by a South Korea-based indie developers Reality Reflection, Speedball Arena is a multiplayer game where players can be the heroic athlete of the futuristic sports on a lightspeed hoverbike.

Speedball Arena was inspired by the American ball game, Speedball which is a popular college sports. It brings the fun sports game to the imaginary world of VR with a twist of futuristic touch riding a hoverbike and grabbing a powerful hook gun to accelerate the gameplay with more excitement.

Speedball Arena’ key features include:
1) High-Quality Graphics
– Built on Unreal Engine 4, Speedball Arena boasts the highest level of graphics to provide users with a fully immersive gaming experience.
2) Intuitive Control
– Intuitive control of the hoverbike and the hook gun will let players become quickly absorbed in the virtual world.
3) Supersonic Speed
– Hoverbike will allow users to enjoy the thrilling speed that no one has ever experienced before. Users can speed up even more by snatching the hook points floating in the air.
4) 2 vs 2 Match
– Users can play with friends online to pass the ball to teammate or shoot for the goal.
5) Cross-Platform Play
– Speedball Arena enables players to find a teammate and opponents via matchmaking. Every player, regardless of VR/PC user, connects to the same pool for matchmaking.