Woofball Manager, dog based football strategy title on the App Store

Woofball Manager is the follow up to the No. 1 App Store smash hit ‘Swipe Manager: Soccer’ and is far and away the best dog Football Management game EVER made! Combining the proven binary decision gameplay of Reigns with a kennel club legend turning up at the training ground with a fishing rod and a roast chicken. Available on the App Store.

Do you think you could do a better job than Pup Guardiola, Frank Lampost or Mauricio Poochettino? Do you have what it takes to motivate teams of overpaid prima doggas like Paw Pugba, Antoine Fleazeman, Jesse Lingard-dog and Harry Kanine, while helping coaches like John Terrier learn the ropes? Can you keep Chairmen like Spaniel Levy and Mike Ashlead on a tight leash, keep the barking mad fans happy and stop the press from running that story about that night out when you ended up in the doghouse?

Forget long hours scrutinising pass percentages and distance-covered stats: Woofball Manger cuts straight to the good stuff, parachuting you in for the key games and decisions. Take the job of managing one of the world’s biggest clubs, or work your way up with a team of waifs and strays more used to relegation dog fights – the choice is yours!

Whether it’s dealing with unfit players, greedy agents, septic tattoos, gay woofballers, social media disasters, bankrupt chairmen, betting scandals, failed drug tests or rioting fans, Woofball Manager is a ‘choose your own adventure’ game where you run the show. Make all the key decisions via a card dragging mechanic – simply move the card left or right to see your choice of answers and then let go to select.

Whether you’re challenging for a European trophy or in a relegation dogfight; every season promises to be filled with tough calls and tail biting football action! Experience a combination of woofball action and man management dilemmas as you juggle your popularity with your players, the fans, the chairman and the press, in an attempt to keep them all happy… and avoid the sack! This is football management like you’ve never experienced before – with dogs!!

  • Over 15 seasons of dog-cision packed story content.
  • Drama on and off the pitch, in the board room, the changing room, the kennel and everywhere in between.
  • Introducing a whole new array of dog based footballing superstars!
  • More dog based puns than you can throw a stick at… see what we did there?
  • One off price with no in-app purchases