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Wordspionage – Use spy skills to elevate word game strategy!

Wordspionage is a multiplayer, crossword-style game with exciting spy moves that let you gain advantages over your opponents. Its innovative features push the boundaries of traditional board games and bring elements of cool and danger to the word game genre. Elevate your word game strategy using Special Operations:

– Cover ID: Add a blank tile to your hand to make stronger words.
– Surveillance: Spy on your opponent’s letters to anticipate their next move.
– Misdirection: Shuffle the multipliers to confuse your opponents.
– Switch: Give one of your letters to an opponent and get their best letter in return.
– Flash Bomb: Destroy the multipliers for one turn to stop opponents from using them.
– Sabotage: Throw a wrench in your opponent’s gears and make them lose half of their last turn score.
– Double Agent: Activate a sleeper agent who will steal half of your opponent’s last turn score and give it to you.

Play against up to three opponents in one game. Pick standard placement of multipliers or random placement of multipliers. Choose the time limit and word guess limit per turn. Play up to 30 games simultaneously.

Play Wordspionage for free with ads, or purchase the ad-free version for US$1.99.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KZbIAqHsq8

Gameplay Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FcjES7vMRE

Website: http://wordspionage.com/

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