24: LEGACY – Game experience infiltrates Facebook Messenger (Video)

To celebrate the launch of 24: LEGACY on Wednesday 15th February at 9pm on FOX, Fox Networks Group (FNG) has pioneered the use of Facebook Messenger technology to introduce 24 Legacy Game, FNG, a brand new interactive experience for fans of the ground-breaking franchise. Fans can now enter the world of an original coinciding story with 24: LEGACY.

Employing cutting edge use of Facebook chatbot technology and authentic, original storytelling, this ‘fiction by phone’ immerses fans into a race against the clock mission to stop a terrorist attack on US soil. The game provides a unique experience as users are thrown into making the critical decisions a CTU agent faces when in the field.

The game narrative plays out in a unique Facebook Messenger environment, with cryptic instructions, video, audio and other rich media that elaborate on the world of ‘24’. The game will provide an exciting, tense and fast paced experience filled with suspense and delivered in a way that only ‘24’ can.