4Story – Age of Heroes, Mobile Version of 4Story, Android Preregistration

Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea’s leading MMORPG developer and service provider of a famous free to play MMO “4Story” has announced the Android preregistration of 4Story – Age of Heroes, the mobile version of 4Story. Zemi Interactive aims to release the game globally at October.

4Story – Age of Heroes is a spin off version of 4Story online, the PC MMORPG game that began its service at 2007 and is still in service in the European territory. 4Story – Age of Heroes is a mobile version of the game and plans to inherit its legacy.

Enter the village in the game and tap on the “Battle” UI to choose between Explore, Battleground, Conquest, Raid, Lord Sanctuary, Kaya Tower, Duel, Smash and Super Smash. Explore is a single player mode contents which consists of 24 chapters and 288 stages. This is where most of the grinding takes place. The player will engage themselves in earning gears to upgrade and sacrifice. All the other important commodities can be earned through different contents. In the end, the players will be fighting for supremacy in the daily guild territory wars. To register, the player can visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zemi.t4story