Anthology of Fear will be available for Windows & Switch in 2020

The new psychological horror, Anthology of Fear, will offer three independent stories from different epochs. The title will feature a multidimensional view of fear, unconventional solutions as well as diverse gameplay. The game by RG Crew will make its Windows PC (Steam) debut in the first quarter of 2020, and a few months later the game is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch.

The creators of this first-person psychological horror decided to take a fresh approach to the genre. Anthology of Fear has three quite different stories, unrelated in terms of their plot and distinctive with different elements of the gameplay.

Anthology of Fear will cover three different stories. The first of them was set in the 20th century in a remote area of Siberia, where there will be a struggle for survival and elements of hunting. The next is contemporary history, in which creative act and alienation play first fiddle. The last story is set in an unspecified place and time, and the main theme will be memories.

RG Crew studio announces that in each of the episodes you can count on a different style of gameplay.

The main features of Anthology of Fear:

  • Three unique stories;

  • Multidimensional fear;

  • Ambiguous reality;

  • Diversified gameplay;

  • Stylish graphic design;

  • Original soundtrack.

The release date for Anthology of Fear is set for the first quarter of 2020. The game will also be released later on Nintendo Switch.