Atypical Games’ Infinite Tanks Puts You in the Commander’s Seat (Video)

Atypical Games announced today that Infinite Tanks, the latest from their hit mobile war game portfolio, is coming this summer to iOS, tvOS and OSX. Building on the legacy of their widely acclaimed and highly realistic war simulations Battle Supremacy and Sky Gamblers, Infinite Tanks uses a complex vehicle customization system to give players total control over the buildout and playstyle of their war machine.

Get a feel for the wide world of Infinite Tanks in the game’s beta trailer.

Infinite Tanks upgrades the tank sim genre by giving players the ability to design and upgrade their own impenetrable vehicles, allowing them to truly step into the driver’s seat. The game features an innovative card-driven building system, which allows players to mix and match individual tank parts, including engines, bodies, tracks, turrets, and guns, to create an incredibly diverse array of fantastical and versatile vehicles.

Infinite Tanks is no misnomer – with the plethora of cards available, over 30 million unique vehicles can be constructed to suit the playstyle of even the most demanding engineers. Players can swap cards with each other to improve their buildouts, and can put their creations to the test in head-to-head multiplayer combat. Battle Supremacy: Infinite Tanks maintains the series exceptional gameplay and stunning graphics, with more control and varied environments than before.

Battle Supremacy: Infinite Tanks Features
•A unique card-driven construction system, driven by single-player progression and multiplayer collaboration
•Over 30 million different vehicle combinations, plus aesthetic customizations such as paint and accessories
•100 drills with exciting competitive drills on each level
•Sweeping, epic single-player campaign
•6 different maps with expansive space for gameplay and exploration
•Reimagined custom games, including King of the Hill, Capture the Bases, and Team Deathmatch