Bad Burgers On Apple App Store

Superstar Games has released something rather bad on to the App Store: Bad Burgers!

Bad Burgers brings a funny spin to the world of fast food. Play as the protagonist Ninja Burger to rid Bad Town of Bad Burgers by defeating them in boxing battles. Start the game with Arcade Mode to unlock all burgers. Defeat all burgers to become King of the Burgers!

Hungry for more? Then Proceed to Vs Mode to take on your friends in a One-on-one battle on the same device.

These burgers are so BAD they are GOOD!

This is could be the perfect game for those party moments.


  • Free to try
  • Simple controls: Attack or Block
  • Arcade mode with 8 Burgers to unlock
  • VS Mode on same device
  • Play as: Ninja, Vege, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Fishy, Bean or the 10000 calories Burger

App Store: