BattleSouls Blasts its way to Steam on May 12 (Video)

Class Change is King in this Free-to-Play Multiplayer Arena Beat ‘em Up

Choose your three heroes and step into the fray for the battle of the legendary soul crystals in BattleSouls, a fast-paced multiplayer action game developed by Pixeleap. But choose wisely; each hero has his or her own unique abilities and it’s up to you to master them while freely switching between classes in battle.

Strike down your foes with your trusty sword, throw incinerating fireballs, or use insidious bottles of magic to make your foes cower to your might. With five heroes to choose from at the open beta launch, the class combinations are numerous — and there are only more to come!

“Balancing close-quarters and ranged attacks is absolutely crucial to success in BattleSouls,” said Pixeleap CEO Peter Kjaer. “We’re inspired by games like Team Fortress 2 and we believe it shows in the frantic battles as well as the colorful arenas where the action takes place.”

Other details include:

· 5 unique classes ranging from Knights focused on melee attacks to Wizards focused on ranged attacks, each has their own gameplay style, active and passive abilities
· Strategic game-changing class swap mechanics done on the fly
· 4 vibrant arenas, each with their own strategy of attacking and defending
· Fast-paced online multiplayer combat in 10-15 minute sessions
Remember, in BattleSouls, Class Change is King. But, fun with friends is absolutely necessary.

BattleSouls launches into open beta on Steam on May 12.